EG STARTS Arcade Video Game Console 815 in 1 Pandora’s Box 4S+ Plus Slim Metal LED Box Consoles Support HDMI VGA and USB Output Support TV Set, Monitor, Projector, PC/Laptop In 815 Games

  • Beautiful arcade game console with original pandora’s box 4s motherboard!
  • 815 hd classic arcade games in the console!
  • Real arcade game feeling! Real arcade joystick & real arcade push buttons!
  • Support hdmi and vga output, pause & support adjust the difficulty!
  • Supper easy to use! Just plug & play!

$350.00 $300.00



Pandora’s Box 4S Plus & Arcade Game Console & 815 games

EG Starts Slim Metal Double Stick Arcade Game Console – 815 Classic Games – 2 Players Pandora’s Box 4S+ Plus Video Game Console PC Download Games Support Extension VGA & HDMI Output

Original Pandora’s Box 4S+ Plus 815 In 1! Not FAKE Motherboard inside the Game Console!

At this moment the most high quality motherboard in the market!

815 HD Classic Arcade Games. By using the USB Cable you can download the games to your PC / PS3. Use the Game Console as a USB Controller!

Need Game Lists?
Download from this link:’com/s/1dE4yUPF 

May have many same games but different version. But you can download games via PC or PS3 for the Extension! Before you make the purchase,We suggest you download the game lists to decide make the purchase!
Support VGA & HDMI Output!
Supper easy to use! Just Plug & Play Only!
You can connect it to your screen or TV by VGA Cable or HDMI Cable.

P.s: Some Japan Brand TV May can’t support HDMI Output!

Can pause the game when you are gaming!
Support 110-240V input, universal supported!
We provide a universal power adapter for each machine!
Ultra Slim Metal Box design, US EG Starts Brand.
Shipping Weight: 7.50 kg.

What’s inside the package?
1 x High Quality Arcade Console with 815 Classic Games
1 x 12V AC Adapter
1 x US Type AC Cable
1 x 5M HDMI Cable
1 x 3M VGA Cable
1 x 3M USB Cable

2x Dust cover
2x Extension shaft
2x Oval ball-top (Clear)
4x 30mm Push Buttons(2x Black + 2x White)
2x Octagonal Restrictor gate

USB switch and Box LED switch

The White buttons is: Connect directly to the USB interface between the machine and the computer.
This machine can be used as a computer game player Handle use.
Not: When the white switch hits “I” When USB come into effect.
The Black buttons is: It’s Box LED lights. If you don’t the LEDs. You can off the switch.

Interface introduction

  1. DCIN:12V security power inter face.
  2. HDMI: Hight-definition interface, smart TV.
  3. VGA: Computer / TV / Projection and other VGA access port.
  4. The audio output: 3.5mm audio / audio headset, access port.
  5. Volume adjustment: Adjust the volume.
  6. The background is: The game board set button (regulation game parameters).
  7. The USB interface: Connect the machine and the computer USB interface,
  8. The machine power switch

More details show

Original Pandora 4S Plus high-performance game motherboard.

Built-in 815 games. With game pause function.

  1. Native interface: to enhance the game screen quality, low failure rate, the picture is more high-definition.
  2. Integrated motherboard: no adapter card, the game performance is more stable.
  3. Comes with USB2.0 interface: Can be connected to the computer instead of game controller and Use On PS3 game console.
  4. Using A13 CPU: run smoother, not crash, low power consumption, longer life.
All buttons use imported microswitches. Connection port 2.8mm
Life of 1 million hits.

It includes 8 red and 8 blue buttons

2 high quality 5Pin joystick.
Life of 1 million times

When you open the parcel, you will find that we have not only presented these four accessories.

Thanks again for your support. Good luck



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